Dropdown menus not working on site

Hi! I have a site that we launched for a client about 2 months ago. Everything was functioning fine when we launched, but today I noticed the dropdown menu won’t open in the nav bar.

I tried deleting the element and adding a new one in, in case it was corrupted, but it seems that dropdowns will not open at all on this site, even unstyled ones I add in from the elements panel. I’ve never seen this before. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?


Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wond-north?utm_source=wond-north&preview=4564a96a41ab904f707aa47dfb41bb9e

So it has something to do with your navbar… I deleted this and the dropdowns elsewhere on the page started working again, I’m not sure why yet, but this may be a short term workaround…

Still looking.

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The issue is the mobile only HTML embed and the code that’s in it.

I deleted the code from the embed, and the dropdowns started working again. I’m really lost as to why it happens though.


I appreciate you will require this code, so as soon as I find out why then I will post back here. It will require some further digging so won’t be an immediate solution.

Short term workaround is to delete this code…

Hi @pherzo,

One of our incredible engineers :raised_hands: @andrewdelprete :raised_hands: took some time to look into this yesterday, found the issue, and has created a fix which I’ve just tested locally.

It should be live later on today/this evening so you will be able to add the Google Translate code back into the HTML embed.

According to Andrew, the issue was to do with the href #googtrans which seemed to break the drop downs as jQuery couldn’t parse that href.

Thanks Andrew! :webflow_heart: :hammer_and_wrench:

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