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Navbar dropdown menu not working

I am currently working on my first website with webflow and I’ve encountered an issue with the navbar menu not opening when I am in mobile for one page (the other pages work fine). I’ve looked through other posts regarding the issue and can’t seem to find a solution that works for me, including deleting the faulty menu and replacing it with one that worked from another page.
Any other ideas on what I can try to get it working?

I’ve bypassed most of the issues by only allowing the menu to appear for portrait mobile but again, the menu doesn’t open for my Services page.
Also, I know my site organization can be cleaned up but it all works so I’m sticking with it!


This page?

if you click/press on the menu button on this page, nothing happens for me, but on the other pages the nav menu will dropdown

Its all good, i created a brand new page, copied everything over and it seems to be ok now

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