Dropdown menu z-index issue

Dropdown z-index issue! I can’t for the life of me discover why this dropdown menu is falling behind my footer. The dropdown has a solid white background that’s not showing for some reason. I’ts on the CMS template page “Sectors”. I’ve tried adjusting the z-index to no avail. Any ideas please?

Here is my site Read-Only: [https://preview.webflow.com/preview/fixfire?utm_source=fixfire&preview=b6547784705bd452281a3b6e326f4fd0
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You set z-index for container (WHY?) - this is not “best practice” (container is container without any z-index) - so both “areas” with the same z-index.

Fix (Or remove the z-index from the container)

This is the tuturial for you:

Also note that nesting plays a big role. If an element B sits on top of element A, a child element of element A can never be higher than element B.


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Thank you for the info. I removed the z-index stuff off the item (I was playing with z-index to see if I could overcome the issue) but in the end the issue was a z-index set on my footer (God knows why). Rmoved that and its sorted :slight_smile: