Drop down link showing up underneath other item


My drop down menu (the “interior” page link) is showing up underneath other items, in this case - the logo. I’ve tried adjusting the z-index for them, and it didn’t change it. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious - but help is needed. :smile: I’m using Google Chrome.


Thank you.

I changed the z-index on the nav bar to 25, and then the background color from white to transparent on the drop down nav container.

(I am a newbie here so please do not be offended by my suggestion, just trying to assist, I had a similar problem myself so that is why I am offering.)

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Thank you very much - you got me headed in the right direction. I did the changes. And then I pulled out just the menu nav itself, deleted the rest and put it in my body section so the alignment and background wasn’t affected.

Teresa :smile:

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience @GhostTrain, it is what makes this community the best !

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