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Dropdown menu/navigation hover interaction problem

Hello! I am pretty new here, and I am having a really hard time figuring this out.

So… my problem is… when I hover over the navigation and the drop down menu appears, I moved my mouse toward the dropdown list and scrolled down the page. When I scrolled down my navigation texts turns white.

Initially, I want the navigation to have have white texts and change color(black) with white backgrounds when I hover over the navigation. I searched everywhere to find the solution, but I finally could not :frowning:

So if this does not work and there is no solution, I figured I would have to make the scroll to pause/freeze when the navigation/dropdown list appears, so the text won’t change to white when I hover over the navigation. In this case, could you help me to do this also?

Thank you so much! I would really appreciate anyone’s help or advice!