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Dropdown menus transparent on desktop, when they're not supposed to be

Hello Folks,

I’m facing an interesting, and a rather frustrating issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

If you hover over the drop down menu’s (of which there are 3), you will see that all of them have a degree of transparency to them.

I manually went through each item in the Navbar, through every child and parent, and set the Opacity to 100%, and the Color to white #ffffff.

And yet, the drop down menu are not 100%. They’re closer to 80%.

In addition. When I change the color of the Background for the whole class of the Nav Items (drop downs), the color stays the same, generic white color. No changes actually take place.

Please help.

From what I can see there are two things. First, you have set the opacity under Effects Panel for the “Text Block” and second you have also added a hover state for “Navigation Item”, which has 90% opacity.

I am not sure what happened with the background color, because I can change it and it appears on all of the items with the same class.