Scroll in/out view killing hover effects

Hello everyone,

I have some troubles with my hover effects when using interactions/animations.

I have a dropdown menu at the top of my site. The dropdown-text has white color with an orange hover.



I added some interaction/animations, that – when scrolling below the hero section – the text color of the dropdown changes to black (because the menu-bar color changes to white).


I then added some interaction/animation, that the textcolor changes back to white, when scrolling back up.



The animation “make dropdown white when scrolling up” “kills” my orange hover effect. Without the scroll up animation, the orange hover on the dropdown works fine. With the animation, the orange hover does not work at all.

Any idea how I can fix this? As far as I know I can’t change hover color whenn adding a “change text color” interaction?

Thanks you in advance :slight_smile:


Here is my public share link:

Is it allowed to push posts?^^

Looking for the same answer now… have you figured this out?