Dropdown menu easing - any news on development?

I realise this is a recurring topic. I’ve tried @vincent solutions and talked at length about this in the past, and while there is a workaround easing solution I run into problems when using the mobile in mobile. What would be good if there was an easing option for dropdown menus in the Workflow panel. I don’t want to bodge or use workarounds just simple click and go. Multi option menus are a must for many websites so this is very important (to me at least).

Also I noticed there is now a template that actually incorporates a dropdown menu (Lifestyle bu Corvus) - yeah! Well done Corvus. Does anyone know if there are any others (without me having to open every template - though sure I have).


In case anyone else is looking for navigation dropdown solutions this tutorial by Steven Persson seems to answer my question. Nice ‘Show on Hover’ routine too. I’m going to try it out!

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