Easing for Desktop Dropdown

Hi @PixelGeek

Sorry to bang on about this, but I really feel quite strongly that the desktop drop-down should have an easing option as the excellent mobile (hamburger) option does. Drop-downs instantly opening and closing is not good (ok, I realise the close can be delayed, but it’s still instant albeit delayed)…

We talked about this a while ago and you suggested using interactions, but nothing works satisfactorily. I don’t want to use external code as this causes it’s own issues - just a simple easing option. I could have a hamburger nav at all levels but the type of sites I’m building require a displayed drop-down menu at desktop level. Surely this is fundamental design feature? Is there any chance this can be given consideration for a future update to Webflow?

Many thanks

I would just make the menu manually. I never use the widget provided by webflow. Not that its not good, it just more work to change it that to make the menu myself.

That gives you options on interactions, with of dropdown, speed and so on.


Hi @krubens

Many thanks for taking the time to rely. While this is an option for some I firmly believe that this feature should be simple to use and within Webflow. No complexity is necessary, no interactions, just a simple easing option as in mobile drop-downs. We use drop-downs in all our GP Practice websites and in all other respects they are great to work with. When a practice asks for new page they are easy to maintain, so all good there. We just want a simple easing option which I am sure would benefit many Webflow users too. How does that sit with you @cyberdave @PixelGeek ?

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