Dropdown Menu closes too soon

Hi! When I try going on Services or Industries dropdown, unless my mouse moves precisely down the middle, the dropdown menu closes right away when I try to click any other item, or move diagonally. For some reason, extending the close-delay time isn’t working at all and there’s no delay when hovering out of the menu.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Audare

Hi @atech22 :wave:
It’s happens cause you have an empty space between toggle and list:

Just remove top margin:

Hi, thanks for the response! So that’s not really ideal as I’d like to keep the margin for style purposes. Also, when I do that, I still can’t move my cursor to (eg. app development) without touching the dropdown menu, as it disappears.

I wrote the only correct and logical solution to your problem — this is to remove margin between toggle and list.

If you want save empty space like as in you design — just add 10px padding and etc… But most importantly, there should be no margin between toggle and list:point_up:

Sounds good, do you also know why the close delay isn’t working?

The delay isn’t working if any interactions is set on the dropdown menu.