Dropdown closes too fast

Hi there!

In this website I am working on I have a dropdown menu that closes imediatly the cursor leaves the menu item.


How can I make the hover area bigger?

Goedemorgen @Goderd !

Can you provide me with a preview-link of your site so I can help you further?

Goedemorgen Steven!

Here goes:


Allright, thanks :smile:

Well, you have a gap between the toggle element and the list. That causes the dropdown list to close because you’re not hovering over the dropdown.

Solution: Go to Settings and click Open Dropdown. While having the dropdown open, select the list element (called dropdown list) and decrease it’s position absolute top value to around 33px (currently it is 53px).

Thanx a million Steven!

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No problems! Happy to assist :slight_smile:

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