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Dropdown lists are showing transparent with content visible underneath

Dear All,

Im facing little problem i hope so, that the dropdown menu list shows underneath the text it was working well but i don’t know what happen :frowning:

any help?


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Hi @Baseem_Ahmad, thanks so much for the post. There is a bug currently which displays dropdown lists that are stacked on top of each other as transparent.

As soon as there is an update for a fix, I will update this post.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot for you reply :slight_smile:

Hi @cyberdave but i have another dropdown list and they are working fine but this one in the screen actually it is on one of the dynamic page…


Hi @Baseem_Ahmad, thanks for the additional info, that helps! I will post an update as soon as a fix is made or if I have any other questions. Thanks!

Hi @cyberdave, Just to let you know I found alternative to solve this issue by adding nav bar instead of dropdown and it works perfect.

thanks :slight_smile:

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