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Stacking Dropdowns Overlap

Dropdowns with the same class which are placed directly above or below each other will have z-index issues, which I cannot override from the designer, as they have the same class.

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Hi @samliew, could you help to share the browser/os ? Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

I created dropdown(s) and assigned to different div rows. However, when I open the dropdown, the below dropdown would “stack” on top of the first dropdown list.

I have tried adjust with z-index on the dropdown list and dropdown button, but it’s not working. Adjust the z-index on div rows may not seem ideal since I would have bunch of items in the list. Any ways to tackle this issue?

Hi @VivianY, could you help to share the read-only link to your site and page? It would help if I could take a look at your structure in detail:

Thanks in advance!

Just create a page with dropdowns. Dropdown items appear behind the next dropdown.

Windows 10, Chrome 52.0.2716.0 dev-m


Hi @samliew, I appreciate your help with this and creating the sandbox site, as soon as I have more info, I will update.

complementing the discussion. Here is the same error.

Dropdown menu is always above the other, no point changing any z-Indez he continues so.

any update on this? months later, and this still seems to be a critical problem. is there some kind of hack fix in the meantime?

I’ve also encountered this problem many many times. Sometimes I just add different subclasses to stacked dropdowns, the first one being the highest in z-index, and the second dropdown 1 z-index level lower, etc… This works, but is a mess.

There Should be a fix available soon hopefully where the OPEN dropdown automatically is above all closed dropdowns.

@thesergie @cyberdave

See example on something I"m working on right now:

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Please do continue to reply to this topic to keep it updated.

Any update on this? Running into the same issue.

I’ll Add my name to the list of customers interested in a solution to this problem. Seems like it’s being neglected as a fringe issue, or one they have no interest in touching given the silence on the topic here.

Yes please, any updates on this bug? @bart

Also interested in this problem. Please offer a solution!

Having the same issue. Any update on this?

@cyberdave @Brando @Waldo Please assist.

Hi @samliew Thanks for your patience everyone.

I have asked our developers for an update and they are looking into it right now.

I will respond here when I have an answer.

​Thanks in advance!

Hi @samliew and all, we just pushed a fix for the dropdown overlay issue.

Please reload the designer and re-publish your sites.

Thank you for your patience. As we were fixing this issue, we discovered and fixed a couple smaller quirks related to the open/close state of dropdowns in the designer.

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Hey, I am using the inbuilt dropdown element from webflow… But the issue I am facing is that the dropdown element is overlapping the other content on the page. I have tried using z-index, positioning but still, I am facing the issue…

Can someone help me??? It’s a bit urgent