Open dropdown menu showing text underneath

I am trying to edit the text in these dropdown menus but I can’t access them - they’re acting transparent and I end up clicking the dropdown underneath.

On the published site, they respond like they should.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community Lauren!

The reason you are running into this issue is due to the dropdown element having absolute positioning settings applied by default. This means that the dropdown list and thus its contents are removed from the document flow, resulting in the behavior you are seeing. Fortunately, Webflow University has a thorough tutorial on how to build this and achieve that proper functionality you are looking for. Here is the link to the tutorial: Create a Custom Accordion – Webflow tutorial - YouTube</t

Hey Kyle. I don’t really have a problem with the other dropdowns remaining in their initial positions. On the published site, the dropdown content shows above the other dropdowns, which is fine for now. I just need to be able to edit the hidden content, which is the issue. When I built the site, I had no problem. Now I am updating and I can’t access the hidden menu content. I must have done something.

Fixed. Thank you! Tutorial helped!

I’m happy to hear that the tutorial helped you find a solution! Working with different positioning types can be tricky but when you understand how they work they can be incredibly powerful!

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