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Dropdown Link view

A Container with multiple Dropdown link inside, or Container with multiple buttons and inside each button a Dropdown link: when i resize the view (ex. mobile) and the disposal of Dropdown (or buttons) is on multiple rows, if i click to view the link, all the links list appears behind the others Dropdown (or button). How can i solve this trouble? Sorry about this silly question, and thanks.

You mean that you get something like this?

The solution is:

  1. Open up the dropdown menu and select the Dropdown list element.
  2. Give it a class and style it position: relative instead of position: absolute

thanks for reply, i’ve set Position: absolute, but as you see nothing changes

No, you have to set it to position: relative. Default is position: absolute, but it needs to be changed to relative

as you see

as you see i’ve try both Position settings, but the result is similar

You’ve selected the Dropdown Toggle element. That’s not the one you want to affect. You need to affect the list element of the dropdown:

Ok, solved ! And many thanks for your patience.

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Good to hear! No problem :smile: