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Drop Down Menu 100% of Window or page height

It’s easy to get the “over right” mobile menu to fill the height of page but how do you set the “drop down” menu to be 100% of the window? I’ve used 100 vh and that works but I’ve ran into some random doesn’t work situations before. Other options?

Hello @jdesign

Like you probably noticed, element “Dropdown” (position - relative) has a Dropdown-list inside, which set with position - absolute.
So one of the options is: changing position of Dropdown element from relative on something else, then apply height of Dropdown-list 100%, apply body height - 100%.

To me it works, hope it will help you too.

@sabanna Thanks! I think I had those settings at one point and it didn’t work but maybe not, I’ll give it another go.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: If something still will not work, feel free to ask, will try to find out together.

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Funny thing is, I know I had this working on a sample previously :persevere:

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