Dropdown falling behind search box, can't get it right

If you head to the theme I’m working on (https://preview.webflow.com/preview/davetest3?preview=8439f19137225b686c9bdb16411147c3), click the “Help” link on the top right. You’ll see the dropdown list falls behind the search box. I’ve tried messing around with z-index, but can’t seem to get it working right. Anybody have an idea?

can you provide the project share link?

https://preview.webflow.com/preview/davetest3?preview=8439f19137225b686c9bdb16411147c3 <-- Is this not it?

It is not it (:

Learn how to do it here: http://help.webflow.com/sharing-your-public-webflow-site-link

Sorry about that! Here’s the link:


I failed ): I clicked everywhere to try to make it work and didn’t…

I would rebuild it from the ground if I was facing that.

Rebuild it from the ground up lol.

I ended up fixing it, for anybody else having a similar issue, here’s what I had to do.

On the class for navbar, it had a position: relative that was automatically given by Webflow. I manually added a position of relative again and gave it a z-index of 100. Then on the dropdown for the top bar, I manually gave that a position:absolute with a z-index of 101. This fixed the problem!

Good! But I’m pretty sure I had tried this on the old structure.

Rebuilding is better than losing a day trying to fix, right? (: