Dropdown CMS navigation live on site?


I am attempting to accomplish an effect similar to the trickle-down CMS naviagtion found here: OneClass - Personalized Courses, Study Materials and Homework Help

As you fill out the dropdowns across the top from left to right, all the dropdowns to the right will update with relevant information that gets pulled from the CMS (as a result of what is in the fields to the left).

Now, I don’t want documents or anything to automatically update in the bottom section like on the link provided… this is just the example I am using. I DO, however, need the dropdown values to update as users move from left to right selecting their class info narrowing their selection as described above.

Can this be accomplished in webflow CMS? If so, where do I start?

Note: I am very familiar with Webflow’s tools, I just can’t think of how this could be accomplished.


After doing more research I realize this is a form of filtering across dropdowns. Could I accomplish this via MixItUp, Isotope, or some other filtering js?

Via @sabanna from http://filtering-plugins.webflow.io/

Hi, @ctrav.

I am on the phone now and can’t really check the site that you pointed, but maybe one my last tutorials can help you


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