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Drop down nav is not showing all my links on tablet and smartphone

The dropdown menu shows fine on the editing screen, but when i got to preview or access the domain on my smartphone and tablet it limits to show only 9 links. I will show you a picture of what i mean.

I have already tried setting up the height on nav menu to 100% or even more than this, but it still behaves in the same way. thank you.

Hi @FredFort, at the moment, the default styling for the mobile nav menu does not scroll those menu items, so unless you keep the number of links to a minimum, you may need to style your menu as a scrollable nav menu on mobile.

Here is an example:

Page: Scrollable Nav Menu on Mobile

If you need some additional help with this, share the read only link to your site, and it will make things easier to see how things are setup :smile: Cheers, Dave

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Thank you Dave, This links has very helpful topics. Great Work!

How to i share this link on my website to see how it was done?

Hi @FredFort, I am glad to hear that was some help :slight_smile: Which link do you want to share? Your own website in Discover?

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