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Custom dropdown menu hover issue

I have an issue with the custom dropdown menu tutorial webflow has. I followed all the steps and made a nice dropdown menu, however, when I’m hovering over the content that reveals when I hover over the content trigger, it disappears again. I have tried making div above the trigger and made that the new trigger and then made it invisible, but I can’t click the content below the div even though it’s invisible.

How do I make a custom dropdown that stays open when hovering over the content as well?

Thanks in advance!

If you make a read-only link we might be able to give feedback by seeing what you’ve set up.

I deleted what I had set up because I’m trying a new method. I followed this tutorial: YT LINK, but when I use hover instead of click, the content that appears doesn’t stay visible, which makes sense as it’s only the trigger that has the interactions.