NavBar Hover Interaction

Hello Webflow Community,

I kindly need help with a navigation menu hover interaction. The bar drops down on hover but doesn’t stay in place. I have tried using all the tutorials I could get my hands on but nothing seems to work.

Here is a link to the project:

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Here is my public share link:
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Can you explain a little more the problem you’re experiencing please?

Thank you for your response.

I am not sure why it is not showing on preview link but when you hover over “products” a dropdown should appear.

The problem: when the dropdown appears it doesn’t stay down long enough to allow access to the options.

The link now shows the problem I am having. Any ideas on how to solve the hover issue? Thanks!

Can you re share your project? The one you posted it’s taking me to a 404 page.

My bad.

Here is the link:

Hello @ar1

I made a small video explaining the issue here:

Hope this helps.

Ha! That totally makes sense now. I will try both suggestions. Thank you for your help!