Drop down drop shadow does not work


I am creating and drop down accordion for FAQ and syllabus section. In original design it looks something like this :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down:

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 12.30.23

As you can see the whole content both heading and paragraph is placed in one bubble outlined by drop shadow. However I am unable to replicate this in the webflow. When I put drop shadow around the wrapper for both heading and paragraph nothing happens. If I put it separately for heading and paragraph and it is expanded it looks like this.

Any ideas how I could achieve desired outcome?

Should not be that hard, can you please share read-only link?

Hey! So eventually I was able to figure it out. I created drop down based off webflow tutorial, which had wrapper with disabled overflow. Needed some tweaking for the element to work properly after enabling the overflow, as it was not expanding anymore, but basically that was the reason behind this issue.