🎁 Drag and Drop Input | Draggable Elements | Freebie

Happy Thursday! Just posted a new cloneable project for folks who need drag and drop functionality in their forms.

Want to add some interactivity to your Webflow form? Check out this tutorial on creating a draggable input that you can style in Webflow!

Users can drag and drop items to change the order, and the values are saved in a form-friendly input. Copy and paste the code, add some CSS to the header and before the closing body tag, and you’re good to go.

BTW - Don’t change the class names or you’ll need to update the code.

If you need any help just let me know!

Hi Duncan
great work i need a liitle bit of different functionality here i need to drag the element direct in input field and than draged field linked to some page

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Hey @Zeenat_Un_Nisa :wave: Can you share a picture or video of the UI you want build?