Download image from button


I am learning the Webflow system and found tutorial for file field. So I want to have file field where user is able to download image just by clicking the download button.

So the problem is that in the tutorial there is “file” field when clicking the button settings on editor but I don’t have the “file” field. Do I have to buy webflow hosting before the “file” field appears? I am now just learning and exploring the webflow so I would love to first try if the button works like I want before buying the hosting.

I don’t have this option on my editor:

The file options doesn’t appear in links if you are on both the free Starter workspace plan and the free Starter site plan.

There are a lot of features that are limits to that “all free” combination.

You’ll need to upgrade either your workspace or your site plan in order to get that feature. Or Webflow support might be able to set you up with something, worth asking them.

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Okay, thanks for helping me out! :slight_smile: