Link a 'Text Link' element to CMS collection field created a type 'File'


First post. I’ve been able to happily link most fields that I have setup in my CMS list (now I know that the element type should match the type of the field e.g. plain text = text block), but I seem to be stumpt with using the information from a file download field I have (type: file) and linking that to a text link element.

Anybody know how??



Here is my public share link: Webflow - Simon's Fantabulous Site

I’ve just seen this article here: File field | Webflow University, but I don’t ge the additional link option after the phone icon, which is for files :frowning:

In the page you linked-

You’ll need CMS or Business hosting to use the file field.

Ah just saw that (with fresh eyes) at top of article doh!

When it says CMS or Business account, what does this mean, as I have created a CMS collection and added the appropriate element to link to CMS, so it it now that I need Business hosting?

According the message, CMS or business hosting.
That means you need to activate a hosting plan before you can access this feature.