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Done in webflow

Site done 100% in webflow.

The problem is when you star inserting wordpress plugins that riun the responsive.

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Awesome work! Is it live online yet? If so, I’d love to check it out.


Sorry, forgot to put the link,


Your site is nice. Just a small question:

When you mouse-over the images, the title/text below images (background color I mean) changes color from grey to other. Is that done in webflow?

Yep, 100% webflow.
it´s actually very simple to do. You just have to make a link block, inside you put the image and the title and do a mouse over.


Thanks Rui_Almeida for the reply. But lets say I want to change the image opacity on hover, lets say to 50%.


Yep, no problem.
It´s the same thing has changing the color. On over you change the opacity to 50%.


You can change the color, size and position. For example, on my site do a over on the search bar and you will see animation.
it´s the same principle.

Did you actually make this into its own WP theme with CMS support? If so I’d love to know how, or at least how you embedded the WP plugins

Well, what you have to learner is converting normal HTML to a wordpress theme. On youtube you have lot´s of tutorials for that.
Start searching for something like “wordpress theme for beginier”.
Then go for something like “wordpress theme for advance users.”

it´s takes time, but it pay´s

I understand the concept and have already watched then videos you are talking about, but when actually trying to implement a webflow site something doesn’t translate well and it never ports over correctly. I was hopping someone using a webflow site would give their process and what changes need to be made to the exported files to make it work.