My latest Webflow to WordPress conversion

This past spring I was tasked by the team at AgentFire to lead the design for a new website. I find for most builds Webflow has been a much better option to create live concepts than utilizing Photoshop. Here you will find the initial concept of the new site:

In the description you will find a link to the WordPress version that this was implemented into!

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Best illustrations ever :smiley:

Would you mind sharing your workflow from webflow to wordpress?

What in particular would you like to see? @hofling

Everything :grin: Never done that and now you’re asking…a complete tutorial would be nice :grin::grin:
Since I read this thread I looked it up already but it seems you have done it a couple of times and maybe your process is more streamlined than described in other tutorials.

But if youre not in mood a brief overview would do it as well. Did you use a specific wordpress theme?

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@hofling Ya I will try to put together a proper case study at some point when I have a bit of time. The best WordPress tools to use for a webflow to wordpress migration would be Cornerstone (xpro) which is what we used for AgentFire or Divi (elegant themes).

What Webflow allows us to do is just skip Photoshop all together and cut out any waste in terms of time. It allows us to get really high end designs that are functional and then from there we export and start to assemble in WordPress.

Some other big benefits with using Webflow over Photoshop to design initially is the css it provides. Makes it very easy to replicate styling and also media ques are a breeze cause we can dial in all major breaking points and ess. paste in the code (as much as we can) into WordPress, then polish from there.

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