Adding a subdomain on Webflow to a domain already hosted on Wordpress

I’m not a developer and would appreciate any insight!

I have a microsite built in Webflow and would like to add a subdomain that connects to the main site which is hosted on Wordpress. Is this possible to do without re-directing the entire Wordpress site to Webflow?

For example: (WordPress) (Webflow)

Alternatively, is it possible to design the microsite in Webflow, then export the code and add it to WordPress and have the microsite live there?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, that’s something you just do on your registrar’s zone DNS settings. It has nothing to do with Webflow actually. You’re just going to add a subdomain to your domain and point it to your WP site. You most likely need help with your registrar, not with Webflow :slight_smile:


Thanks @vincent!

Another question, if I’ve designed some pages for a client in Webflow, but they want to bring it over to Wordpress, do you know if it’s possible to export the code from Webflow and add it to Wordpress without breaking any links, classes, etc?

Hi again —

That’s not as easy as it seem. A page in Webflow is not just the HTML page. The styles are stored in or several CSS files, and there are javascript dependencies too. Also, graphical resources.

Start by downloading the source code from Webflow and try to clean unused styles, assets and dependecies.

A life advice: a designer’s life is too short to stick with clients who wants to dev with Wordpress. Your life will be better and more fullfilling if you develop and host with Webflow. You’ll learn more, grow more, produce better, design instead of debug. It’s never too late to say farewell to clients who are not aligned with your goals, and it is great to have goals. You can thrice as a designer with Webflow because Webflow empowers you to do what you want, where on systems like Drupal and wp, you’re often, too often, blocked, dependent to devs, forced to debug and do things that are not designing. I suffered from this for long years before discovering Webflow.

Tell them: “Maybe, probably, here’s the code, figure it out, let me know, bye!” :rofl: