Namecheap & trouble with the root Domain

Hi everyone,

I added Hosting to a Project whose Domain is registered with Namecheap.
Problem is, that the root domain (without www) doesnt seem to update… When I change something and Publish it, it only works for the www. version

A & CNAME Records are in Place and Webflow is happy too. Though it said “issue detected” inbetween but that Message just went away after a while.

Edit: okay, now there is an Issue again where there wasnt one before :confused:

Can anyone see whats wrong here?
Have I missed something?

Edit: I now added a Redirect -->
Maybe that helps. But it should work without, no?

Thanks guys.

What is the actual domain name? Without that there is no way to check the DNS config.

Fair Enough. I just made it blank because its a client project.

You have an A record for @ pointing to (Namecheap) according to Google’s DNS.

id 42277
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
;ANSWER 1798 IN A 1798 IN A 1798 IN A

That record could be causing your problems.