Does webflow accept DEBIT cards?

Hey, I recently attempted to purchase a site plan for my Webflow website, but I don’t have a credit card (can’t lend one!). Can I purchase the site plan with my international transaction-enabled VISA debit card?

I also reached out to Webflow support and the Webflow Reddit community before, they told me I could. But Webflow is declining my debit card while checking out (no issue is there with my debit card). What should I do now to buy the site plan?


Stripe rejected the request: Card was declined

I would probably contact your card issuer in this case and make sure they aren’t blocking the transaction. I pay for my Webflow account and site plans with a debit card without issue.


Is it possible that there are certain areas where debit cards are accepted?

Also, would you mind advising me on what to tell the issuer… Please!

I don’t know, honestly. I’m US-based, and Webflow is a US-based company, so there’s not really many barriers for me as far as paying my account goes. I would try the transaction again, and once it’s declined contact your card issuer about a recently declined transaction. I would say there is a non-zero chance there is some type of fraud protection in place preventing it from going through.

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Okay… thank you for your man. I will definitely call my card issuer. However, I have a request: could you kindly check to see if Webflow takes debit cards in all areas?

This is as much information as I have (I don’t work for Webflow):

It shouldn’t be an issue (that’s how I pay. I’m located in Greece)

Contact your bank! They might be blocking the transaction thinking is fraudulent

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Ok, thanks for your help!

Sure, I’ll do that. Thanks for your response.

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