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Does the "Address" tag always make the fonts italic?

I’ve noticed that the “Address” tag applied to a div makes the fonts inside italic. At first I thought this was some error on my side or some bug. Then I discovered this forum topic (dating 2009): .

So does the the “Address” tag make the fonts italic by default?

Hi @uzzer, thanks for the good question. Yes that seems to be standard behavior for most browsers. Take a peek at this article:

Notice the line “The text in the element usually renders in italic.”

I hope this helps!

Hm, what would be the best way to go about this?

Would it make sense for Webflow to provide a ready-made fix within the platform?

Hi @uzzer, I do not think this is a bug with Webflow, just regular browser behavior. There is probably a workaround to style the content as you wish. I am happy to take a look further on a test site and will get back to you with more info.

And yes, anything that Webflow can do to build in native solutions is the preferred method :slight_smile: This could be added as a Wish List item.

Thanks, I made a wish out of this: Built-in solution for fixing the italics which come with using the "Address" tag

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