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All text italicised in Internet Explorer

Hey so ahhhh… this is odd.

My site works perfectly in all other browsers, except iE.

Yes, I know I know, but the customers of this business do still use the internet equivalent of a tin can and string.

Suprisingly. it works pretty damn well in iE, except EVERYTHING is in italics and I can’t for the life of me narrow down the bug/culprit. I’m guessing a broken HTML tag maybe, but surely that doesn’t happen in Webflow?


Does anyone know where I should focus my efforts? Perhaps an Inspect Element trick I don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!

Found this, it’s old but it still might be your problem. See if any of those solutions work

sounds like a corrupted font issue.


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Thanks @jbleroux, had a look through and set some custom fallback CSS which seemed to fix majority of the issues I was having!

Thanks man!

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