Italics don't work on some google fonts

Hi there,

i’m having an issue with google fonts.

I choose a new font from google fonts (i.e. Libre Baskerville) on my dashboard and I check that I want both “regular” and “italic”.
In a design mode, when I choose that font from the menu, it will display OK. But when I click italic it doesn’t display true italics, just fake italics (slanted regular). I tried with multiple fonts (all of which had true italics) from google and it was all the same.

The pre-loaded fonts works just fine as well as fonts from typekit. It’s just the newly loaded google fonts.

Is anyone else having this issue?
Any ideas why is this happening?


hey @bubble

That sounds like strange issue your having, are you able to send me a preview link so i can take a look for you. Just so we can rule out that this a bug but i’m hoping we can get you up and running with the font in no time :smile:

Hi @tim

I tried to add two google fonts to my playground site, just to see if the issue is specific to the site I was previously working on or not. It is the same.

here is the link

I added new fonts to “Main heading” and “Main subtitle”.
This is what I see:

I had (and still have) the same experience. It’s probably a small bug in the Webflow interface (and also in the preview). But when you publish or export the site the browser shows the real italics.

I tried to publish the site and it is exactly as you said. The italics look fine. So they do not show only in the design mode. Probably a bug then.

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