Does cleaning up files in Asset Manager make webpage faster?

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Quick question to any SEO pro’s here: Does removing unused files in the Asset Manager improve the rating on Google’s Pagespeed Insights?


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Hello Thomas,

No, removing unused files like images from the asset manager doesn’t affect the rating, or website speed in general*

The way browsers work is requests going back and forth from the client (you) and the server. The time taken for these requests and their consequences is what we call website speed. Images in the asset manager that aren’t being used won’t be called by requests, thus they would have no effect on speed.

  • There’s a difference between Pagespeed Insights’ score and page speed. This would take a long time to explain, but basically you should only use Insights as an advisory. For instance, it can point out if images are needlessly too large, or if there’s something really wrong with the website, but the score itself isn’t that important nor accurate. If the website ‘feels’ fast, it probably is. If you’d like a better tool that quantifies the page speed, you should check Pingdom

Thanks a lot for the swift response Bavly! Makes total sense!

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