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Do Webflow have a similar feature to the "user-select" css property?

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on some site-polishing, and wanted to make it so that people can’t highlight text (headers and so on). The reason being that I personally think it ruines the sites visuals and immersion, when that blue highlighting color suddenly appears while you browse the website. I know there is a css property that does this; Its called “user-select” I’ve look everywhere for anything giving the same result as this, but sadly I simply failed to find anything, so now I’m seeking help from you wise guys (and girls) here on the forum. :relaxed:

Have a nice day! - Best regards Tobias Gade.


The css property I’m referring to:

Hey @TobiasFG,

At this time you can’t do this with the Webflow designer. What you can do, is add this to your head code:

::-moz-selection { 
	background: black;
    color: white
::selection {
	background: black;
  	color: white

Hope this helps


Thanks for the Quick response, sadly I don’t have access to the custom code, so I guess i’ll have to wait till I upgrade.

however, I see one slight problem with the solution you mentioned;

If i where to do that, wouldn’t i only work on a black webpage with white text? At least that’s what it seems like from my testing;
with the result being;
Or have I got it all wrong?..

I tired setting it to “transparent” without specifying any color, and that seems to work for all combinations of background color and text color;
However that will effect all elements, and not only headers and key-text.

If I want to achieve the option to choose which elements cannot be highlighted, I would then need to do something like;

And then add that class to all elements, that I dont want to be highlighted, right?

Sorry for the insanely long response… :sweat_smile:

@TobiasFG I used black and white but you can use any color(s) you want.

Yes you are correct, you could use something like .yourclass::-moz-selection to target specific parts of your design.

You might wanna give this a look:


Thanks for the help, then I’m all set for now.

  • Have a nice day.

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