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Text selection color change without custom code

Is there any way to create a custom text highlight color without custom code? In other words, if someone highlights text, I would like to be the color other than the default blue.


Hey, @Zee1 According to my experience if you are asking about changing text selection color you will be using the ::selection selector to override the default text selection color and it cannot be done natively on webflow but can be done with CSS.

And if you want to do so I’m sure you might be aware of websites explaining how to do that with CSS here is one

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

Thank you Sachin!! This is helpful. I was trying to find a way around this, but I guess there isn’t one.

Yeah if you are on a paid plan “Embed” element will be unlocked where you can add custom code to preview in the designer or the project setting custom code tab where the code will be applied to the entire project.
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