Running two websites on the same account with CMS

Hi! I am a bit confused about the plans at webflow, i need some help with this! I got two questions that i hope i can get answer on.

One of my clients got his website with a webflow account, he is paying for a micro plan with a connected domain adress. My questions is, is it possible for him to run two different websites and connect two different domains to them? That means he need personal plan, right? In if so, is it possible for him to run the CMS function on these two websites as well included in the personal plan? Or does that mean 20 dollar (personal plan) + CMS on both sites 20 dollar x 2?

Sorry for the confusion!

The micro plan doesn’t exist anymore so I’m not sure what happens to people who were once on it. At this point, they would have 1 of 2 options. First is convert the existing site to a free plan and activate the CMS hosting for $20 a month and then do the exact same thing for the other site. This is the cheapest option if you are only going to do 2 sites. The other option is to switch to a personal plan and add the second site and convert them both to the CMS for $20 a month EACH. The CMS price is on a per site basis as it includes hosting with webflow. If managing 2 accounts isn’t an issue for them, I would recommend option 1.

Ok thanks! Well there is something i don’t rly understand here. My client has a domain adress that he connect to his website. He is on Micro plan (it says) and he pays 168 dollar per year? When i calculate it should be 10 dollar/month (for the custom domain) = 120 dollar per year? What do i understand wrong here? :slight_smile:

He is still paying for a micro plan which wasn’t free before, it was $14 a month. I would email webflow support about this. He can pay 6 dollars more than he’s paying now for CMS support.

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