Do clients receive hosting discount by adding my partner code?

I’m getting a client to sign up for Webflow hosting, and have transferred the developed site to their account and workspace. When they go to checkout, they add my partner code so I’ll be associated with their account, but I was under the impression they’d get a discount on hosting too. Was I wrong? Can’t find info anywhere about this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Ian_Yates - Webflow does not offer a discount on hosting other than a yearly plan and there are no ongoing promotions at this time that I am aware of.

Thanks @webdev :+1: That makes sense. To be honest, I don’t find onboarding clients the smoothest of processes, considering everything else in Webflow is so seamless. Getting them to enter a code, so that I benefit seems clunky. Anyway, I appreciate the fast response. Onwards!

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All the parter codes does is ensure your kickback in PartnerStack.

@Ian_Yates - Webflow does have an affiliate program