DNS Record: not www

We need to point ‘our-domain.com’ at our webflow site.
Not www.our-domain.com’ but ‘our-domain.com’.
What IP should we be using please?
Ad should we add @ and A records? or which DNS ENTRY should,we use?
Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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See → Set root domain as default domain | Webflow University

Following that url links advice, setting the @ for the root ‘our-domain.com’ to a CNAME will ruin the other DNS settings (for email and other domain services).
This is omian is atd 123-REG.
123-REG seem unable to help and say to ask web-flow, we are now stuck in an endless support circle.

also, setting the ‘root domain’ to webflow would break O365, ftp and mail settings.