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DNS Propagation

Hello! Seem to be having a propagation issue for A records were added 24hrs ago. Looking at DNS checker it seems to have propagated across North America though can’t see site. Is it a matter of waiting longer? What’s with the 2 www’s in the address bar?


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I can se that you have double www in tha address, change you default in webflow to the www site

Don’t forget to republish after your change

I can do that however only A Records were added. The CNAME [] was not added to DNS. Does this matter or it’s ok with just A records.

CNAME must be added, you will se it works

Ok, I told the hosting folks to only add A records since the webflow hosting panel says Option 1 is recommended. Seems misleading to say use option 1 but in fact option 2 is also needed? So A records and CNAME gets added? Or only add the CNAME?

Yes add both of the and it will work

Ok, will give it a shot. Thanks for your help!