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Div Not Wrapping On Auto Width

Hey guys, I cannot for the life of me figure out why this div holding my header text refuses to act as “auto” when the browser gets smaller horizontally.

I have the width of the div set to auto, because I want the text inside it to wrap around when the browser touches it, so that all the text is visible.

The browser will get smaller and the div won’t, but then randomly after 2 words are cut off, it will decide to start wrapping the text.

It’s on the page called “post-title-name”

This is the live page:

This is the share link of the whole site:

Page: Post-title-name

Thank you so much for the help I know I am missing something I just can’t figure it out.

edit: with research i’ve been doing, the way I have it relative and pushed left, it just can’t be done without special code.

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