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Div Block not expanding with AUTO setting when content is added

Hi community,

I’m really struggling to understand an issue I am having with a DIV block I have set to auto, when looking at the page in a smaller browser. The DIV block I am using has enough padding to ensure the content isn’t up to the edge of the DIV. I thought that the DIV block itself would grow in height, when making the browser window smaller in width.

Here are 2 screenshots to help understand what I am talking about:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @Douglas_Fllrtn

Div Block 49 is set to Position: Absolute when it doesn’t need to be. Remove this and the div block will wrap the contents. You can then centre the elements using flexbox settings accordingly.


As a side note, your entire site is built with with default class names, which can cause major problems later down the line, as I learnt the hard way! I’ve put a link which you may find useful below.

Any issues, please reply here and I’ll be happy to help! :grin:

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Ah! I just realized. I had the positioning like that because of what i needed to do later with the buttons, but it works on auto-positioning too… wow.

Thanks for the hand!

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You’re welcome, it’s exactly what the Webflow community is here for.

Any further issues feel free to tag me in a post :grinning:

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