Div Issues with text when browser resized

I am having issues with the Our Attractions section of the below link:


When I resize the window the text on the top left Div and the bottom right Div are not adapting to the div they are nested in. All other paragraph items are going over different lines when resized apart from these two. Is there a Style I can change to remedy this?


Can you be more specific which section/DIVs you are referring to? Site seems to work fine.

Hi it is the highlighted parts here. I want the text to adapt to where it is, but in these two instances it seems to refuse to adapt.

Very strange indeed.

The only thing that I was able to see is that if you put a manual return after the word ‘terrific’ in the “Kiddie Rides”. that helps out with the Desktop layout but not any of the mobile ones.

Will need one of the WebFlow guys to take a look. I tried looking at my usual suspects (some style applied to some other container that it’s in) but saw nothing terribly unusual.

Thanks for taking a look buddy. Hopefully one of the team can help!

Hey @GotoTaylor

Im guessing you copy pasted the text and some formatting stayed.

Anyways here is how to fix it:

  • Copy all the text that seems to be acting funny and paste it in notepad or text edit to remove all the formating

  • Then paste it back into the webflow designer and it should work :smile:

Screenshot of it working


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