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Text Block troublesss

Having a lot of trouble with the text blocks under the car pictures (kilometers, int. colour, ext. colour, Price)

I used a text block, and some “specs” thing to get the text of the input values a different colour and aligned to the right, but it’s really weird as it’s erasing some values when I change them. Also when I look at in the tablet view, it’s all messed up. This is definitely not the right way of formatting it… some help would be great!!!

When it’s in phone view, the cars are all aligned to the right, any idea how to center everything? I tried putting it all in a div and then centering the div, but that didn’t work.

Also, same with the ‘Opening Hours’, has the same case as the text block, it’s weird and they’re not aligned…

Would really appreciate some help!! Trying to learn this stuff

Link to site:

Figured it out…

Simply just add a DIV, add two columns – all below the picture – and done… Align left column to left, align right column to right and add some padding.


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