Displaying Shipping Costs in Cart - need help with javascript

I need some help with Javascript,
I am trying do get the shipping costs shown in the shopping cart so that the customer get shown the total cost of his order.
is there a way to get this calculated and shown before hitting the PayPal button?

As support told me this feature is not available as of now. But there should be the possibility to hide or show an Element based on the value in the Cart right?
So I could make an element containgin the shipping costs and is the sum rises above 25€ it will hide the costs and show an element with “FREE”

can someone help me with this?

only serving orders in germany and free shipping from 25 €.


Today I got a reply from the support that this is not available as of now.

Does anyone has got an ideo how to get around this limitation?
In terms of upselling the customer to a higher price this is a very important feature.

How do other webflow designers come around this limitation?