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High Personalisation on Checkout Page possible?

Hi everyone,

I’m working for a SaaS software provider (to manage company expenses) and we want to create a fake e-commerce website for our sales team so they can make order on this website (we will have company hoodies), pay with the company card of their prospect (that we manage), and see in real-time the expense in our platform. The goal is to auto-cancel the payment afterward and this will be done during a demo with the prospect.

To do that we need to be able to personnalize the checkout page and prefill some fields in order to not spend time on filling all these shipping method fields etc during the demo. So we would probably need to delete some fields and add some javascripts on top of it to do the prefill.

As webflow requires an hosting plan to add some JS to test this, I can’t really see if this is possible. Can someone tell me if:

  1. I can find a way to personnalize the checkout page the way I want with only email and payments fields?
  2. If 1 is not possible, am I able to prefill shipping method stuff and address with JS in webflow?

I hope this is clear and I kindly thank you by advance for your response!
Have a good day :wink: