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Displaying issue while loading: fonts and images jump with font-display: swap

Hello everybody,

I am having a problem with a site while it is loading. Indeed, there is a kind of jump of fonts and images at the very beginning of the loading. My fonts are in display: swap, and I noticed that by switching to display: auto, the problem was less, but still existing.

Examples here:
with the font-display: swap

with the font-display: auto

I have done an audit on Lighthouse, PageSpeed ​​and GTMetrix and all the performance results are at 99 or 100%. My fonts are ultra optimized in woff2, compressed png, I literally implemented all the best practices and yet I have this jump when loading.

Looking at the inspect mode < network, I see that this burst occurs between 250ms and 500ms, without knowing why. I have tried removing all of the page elements, images, lottie, etc, and this bug still shows up even when I only have one line of text on my page.

Has anyone ever encountered this bug? It is very inconvenient.

Thank you !

The read-only link: Webflow - Folk

The published link: