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Backup fonts shortly showing up when site is loading


I have the issue that my back up fonts are shortly loading before the used fonts show up. Is there a way to prevent this? It doesn’t look super professional.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Elenas test project

Hi @LNA_BLN, so gonna start by saying Google likes that, for them, it’s best practice to see the fallback font so the text remains visible while the page loads, when you don’t have that thing like PageSpeed will start moaning. Anyhow, can’t see your settings, but if you go to fonts you can turn off Swap if that’s selected.

Look like the problem came from the font itself. It never occur with any of my project. Try using another font to see if the problem is still here… Try also with google font instead of adobe font… to tell if problem came from the font or all adobe fonts or a woodoo sortilège.

Thank you really much for your replies! I am going to try both and let you know.

All the best