"Display "Made In Webflow" badge on site"

Hey guys,

Latest update: It’s now impossible to turn the Made In Webflow badge off!? It’s also missing as a feature on all plans?

Seriously hoping this is a huge bug. Huge, huge, huge mistake if it’s not. You’re not Wix…

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check under Site Hosting Plans

There’s a section for Webflow branding… defaults to True / On.

Turn it off, it turns itself back on again.

We’re looking into this! :slight_smile:

I see. You are correct. It does turn back on.

On my system - regardless if it’s on / off… it does not display any branding.

Yea, not showing on any of my sites yet either. Just concerned that it’s also missing as a feature across the board (on “Compare all hosting plans”)

@bart Thanks!

Purely UI bug, we’re actively working on a fix that should go with next push :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted!




hey @bart LTNC.

@Jason … I think the only difference between the plans

  • other than dynamic items and price
  • is the “amount-of-stuff-you-get”.

So I’m sure what features would be missing.

However… @bart on a side note to Webflow

  • perhaps change the name of the “Business Plan” to “Enhanced Plans”…
  • or something like that.

It kinda sounds like Basic and CMS “are not for businesses” ?

  • whereas literally… all of my customers (who would utilized Webflow hosting)
  • are businesses

Just a thought. Pass it to Webflow if you agree.

pop the bag !!!

Hey @Revolution @Jason

We’ve pushed fix and this should be working now as expected. Let us know if that works for you! :slight_smile:


works for me…

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