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Built with Webflow tag


our new website shows a “Built with webflow” tag on the bottom right corner of the screen.
We have the Free Plan right now, but we were about to upgrade to Micro Plan this week.
I’ve read on this forum that any paid plan will remove that badge, but on the hosting section of my dashboard says that only a Professional Plan or a website inside an Organization Plan will. Which one is correct?
We need to be sure, before making the purchase, that Micro Plan can remove it (at least with our custom domain).


All paid plans will remove that tag. I’m on a paid plan and I’ve never had a tag like that one. :smile:


I’ve seen it for the first time last week (: I had 14 years old trainees, opened them up a Webflow free account and they did this in 3 days:


Not bad it is that…:slight_smile: Better watch out before the kids come and take over stuff! :smile:

That’s great @vincent, great job for 14 years old… I think they will probably have a bright future :smile:

Dave, they’ve been so excited by WF and results! They’ve done this site for their parents business, they had hard time to believe I didn’t do the whole thing.

I’ll do a Show WF post later with the prototype, they deserve encouragements :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone! I’m now on a Micro Plan and the badge had disappeared :smile: